Alchemy Float Club

 We believe floatation therapy touches mind and body in a deep way and provides a base from which to build transformation.    Use this membership to build a monthly practice that supports who you are becoming. 

$49/month + Great Benefits



  • 1 Float OR 1 60 minute massage

Save on other services:

  • $35 Whole Body Cryotherapy + 20% off Local Cryotherapy
  • $19 Sweat Session
  • 20% off Massage Therapy
  • 50% off NormaTec
  • $5 MUSE meditation
  • 50% off oxygen bar
  • 10% off series
  • Additional floats $49

Ready to sign up?

Let us know at check out!

We have a small amount of paperwork for you to complete (3 minutes of your time) and all services received that day will be charged at your new membership rates.

If you have additional questions, please, let us know!  You can contact us via email or call us at (615) 933-1116.


How the membership works

  • Month-to-month membership with only a 30 day notice needed, no long term commitment.  
  • By signing up to the membership you are authorizing a monthly charge by Float Alchemy to your Visa, Mastercard, or Discovery.
  • Each monthly payment will add one credit to your account good for 1 float session or a 60 minute massage
  • Unused creduts roll over to the next month.
  • All float sessions accumulated are for 60 minutes PLUS time for your pre and post float shower.

Your accumulated benefits

  • Credits never expire as long as you are a member.  Once your membership has stopped, they are still good for 90 days.
  • If your credits start accumulating, no problem!  Share your floats with anyone you like.
  • We'll even put one of your accumulated credits on a gift card for a float or 60 minute massage for gifting!


  • Bring someone along to float with you at the same time and your guest also floats for $49. 
  • Want to float more than once a month?  No problem.  Additional floats are only $49.
  • Special member sales and pop up perks  happen throughout the year giving you extra savings!